Craigends House Census Records - 1841

Extracts from the 1841 Census.

Relating to Craigends House, Houston. The records can be found under the Kilbarchan parish reference 568. 

Census records indicate that William Cuningham was widowed and living on Independant means.; 


Surname Given name Age Occupation Born in County
CUNINGHAM (Widow) William 65   Living on Independant means No
LENNOX Margaret   12   No
LENNOX Cecilia   9   No
LOVE Jane A   65   Yes
CHAMBERS Marion   15   No
DUNSMUIR Margaret   25   No
HARPER Elizabeth   25   No
THOMSON Christian   15   No

Other Estate Houses 1841.

Another William Cuningham was living on Independant means at Craigends Farm.

Craigends Farm.

Two Office Houses.

Craigends Cot House.

In the 1841 Census ages over 20 were banded to the nearest 5, e.g. a 24 year old shows as 25.


Address Surname Stat Age Occupation Born In County
Craigends Farm CUNINGHAM William 40   Living on Independant Means No
Craigends Farm COLQUHOUN Ann   25   No
Craigends Farm McAULAY Agnes       Yes
Office House PATON Hugh 30     No
Office House LINDSAY James 19     No
Office House GIBSON William 19     No
Office House (2) CAMERON Neil 25     No
Office House (2) HUNTER Isabella   25   No
Office House (2) HUNTER Mary   20   No
Craigends Cot House WILSON Robert 30   Gardner No
Craigends Cot House WILSON Hellen   30   No
Craigends Cot House WILSON Hellen   5   Yes
Craigends Cot House WILSON Ann   18 Mths   Yes

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